Free Merit-Based College Tuition in Georgia on the Chopping Block

January 7, 2011

Since 1993 Georgia’s Hope scholarship has provided four years of college tuition to any Georgia high school student who graduates with a "B" average and attends a university or technical school in the state. Now the program is becoming a victim of its own popularity and the recession. Several states copied Georgia’s program, and some of those, notably Tennessee’s, which like Georgia uses lottery money to fund the scholarships, are also facing funding shortages. Some seem to have begun to view the Hope program as an entitlement that cannot be cut, claiming that if the program is changed they won’t be able to afford college. The legislature is considering making the program less than a full scholarship, or giving more to some students (still based on merit) and less to others. The most likely scenario is a change to a flat rate scholarship, irrespective of the student’s individual tuition bill. However it comes out, there will be less Hope in Georgia in 2011.

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In Memory of Diane Gallo

We are deeply saddened by the passing of our co-founder Diane Gallo. Diane, a beloved independent educational consultant who went above and beyond for the students she served and their families, will be greatly missed. She was a great colleague and friend to all. If you had been working with Diane, please reach out to her husband Michael Gallo with a written request for a refund of any monies that may be owed to you at 43 Hillside Avenue, Glen Rock, NJ 07452.


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