Number of Required SAT Subject Tests Wanes
January 7, 2011

Elite colleges routinely required applicants to submit scores from three SAT subject tests, in addition to the SAT or ACT. Since the introduction of writing sections on both the SAT and ACT in 2005, many of these schools have reduced the subject test requirement. Now, the most subject… Read More>>

Using Twitter Equals Higher GPA?
January 7, 2011

A recently released study indicates that using Twitter can increase both a student's involvement in class and their GPA. The study, published in the The Journal of Computer Assisted Learing (, tracked 125 students at a public university, and found that those who used Twitter… Read More>>

Is it Worth Going to an "Elite" College?
December 17, 2010

High school students face pressure, perhaps none more than the pressure to get into an "elite" college. But what is the value of going to an "elite" college? Does it help a student to be more successful in life, make more money, make more connections?… Read More>>

Colleges Cutting Foreign Language Programs – Penny Wise and Pound Foolish?
December 3, 2010

With states continuing to cut funding, some public colleges have decided to end majors in foreign languages. The impact reached France, where an op-ed article appeared in the French paper Le Monde about the cuts. So are universities still training their students to be global citizens? Only if… Read More>>

Early Action/Early Decision Applications Increase
November 12, 2010

Colleges that participate in the Early Decision and Early Action programs are reporting significant increases in the number of applications received this year. As an example, Northwestern University reported a 24% increase in the number of binding Early Decision applications. Although this is only a… Read More>>

New Haven High School Students Can Go To College For Free
November 9, 2010

A new program in New Haven will pay up to 100% of the tuition at any state college in Connecticut for students who graduate from New Haven public high schools, regardless of their family's income.For more information, The program is designed to stem a 38% dropout… Read More>>

Tutor, Homework Helper, or Crutch?
November 8, 2010

Many overworked parents turn to academic tutors in order to help their children succeed in school and to teach the skills required for independent learning. Some have expanded this to include "homework helpers," who often serve as putative babysitters, merely making sure the homework gets… Read More>>

There Is More Than One Way To Apply Online
November 7, 2010

Just about everyone has heard of the Common Application. But what about the Universal College Application, Xap, Embark, and ConnectEdu? All promise a one stop shop, but each is different. Which one is best for you depends on what you are looking for.For more information, One… Read More>>

As College Costs Rise, So Does Financial Aid (at least this year)
October 28, 2010

As everyone knows, state funding to public colleges has suffered as a result of the recession. According to a College Board report, public universities increased their tuition and fees by 8% for the 2010-11 year to over $7,600. The increase at private colleges was only… Read More>>

Can I Bring My Dog (or Cat) Too? More Colleges Say "Yes" to Pets
June 6, 2010

It is either a sign of the Apocalypse or a positive trend, depending on your view, but more colleges are allowing students to bring their pets to live with them at college. Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri, is renovating a dorm into "Pet Central" to accommodate… Read More>>

Don’t Let Summer Pass You By!

While many think of the summer as a time to relax, hit the beach and do anything but something academic, summer is the best time to explore potential academic majors and careers. You can learn more about this at your local library. Take advantage of the down time to up your game. You will be glad you did.


Did You Know?

With the number of applicants now using the Common App and the ease of submitting an online application (in the 2010-11 cycle, 1.8 million applications were submitted as of January 1, 2011), admissions officers are looking for more than just an application to make admissions decisions - you need to demonstrate a genuine interest in the school.  The best ways to do this include visiting the campus, having a campus interview if offered, attending college fairs and completing the intake form for schools you are really interested in, attending any local events in your area sponsored by the college, and emailing the admissions counselors with specific questions about programs that interest you.  These steps can help to differentiate you from the herd of "stealth applicants" who use the Common App as their sole contact with the school.



Way Back When College Was a Buyer’s Market

March 31, 2011

Oh to be interested in attending Harvard University in the late 1860s. Harvard and other schools like Vassar and Columbia actually advertised for students in newspapers, and any required frehman entrance exams could be taken on the weekend prior to the start of classes. How… Read More>>

Ni Hao! – NYU to open Shanghai campus

March 27, 2011

New York University announced plans to establish a degree-granting campus in Shanghai. NYU's president was expected to sign an agreement on March 28 with Chinese officials to seal the deal. This move signals a continuing trend for American universities. NYU already has a degree-granting campus… Read More>>



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