Overhaul of Student Loan Programs Makes Progress
March 12, 2010

President Obama's proposed overhaul of the federal student loan program is alive. As part of a deal struck in Congress, the bill will be bundled into an expedited budget package, making passage of the student loan changes more likely. The bill would end government payments… Read More>>

Don't Rely Exclusively on Your High School Guidance Counselor
March 3, 2010

Like most things in life, some high school guidance counselors are worth their weight in gold, others not so much. A recent study by Public Agenda, a non-profit research organization, found that found that most people who graduated from high school in the last 12… Read More>>

YouTube Meets the College Application
February 23, 2010

Tufts University applicants were permitted for the first time to post short YouTube videos to supplement their applications for admission to the Massachusetts school. Some of the videos have proven to be popular outside of the admissions office. About 6% of applicants submitted one minute videos,… Read More>>

Drop in Gifts to Colleges for 2009
February 3, 2010

Gifts to colleges and universities dropped 12% in fiscal year 2009 to $27.85 billion, according to the annual survey by the Council for Aid to Education. Alumni and corporate support both floundered. The hardest hit? Liberal arts colleges. The survey's sponsor, the Council for Advancement and… Read More>>

Williams College Reintroduces Loans Instead of Grants
February 2, 2010

Two years ago, Williams joined several other colleges in eliminating loans in student aid packages in favor of grants, which don't have to be repaid. In light of a $500 million drop in its endowment, Williams reversed the policy for the class entering in Fall… Read More>>

January 27, 2010

It turns out that you are looking at the websites of MIT, Stanford, and Harvard, in that order. At least that is according to a 2010 ranking of 200 colleges and universities in the U.S., Europe and China issued by 4 International Colleges and Universities… Read More>>

College Marketing Emulates Credit Cards
January 25, 2010

Have you received a packet from a college you may or may not have heard of, promising you a waiver of application fees, expedited processing of your application, and maybe even a waiver of the application essay requirement? You are not alone. Welcome to the… Read More>>

Recession Impact: Increase in Law School Applications and Graduate Studies
January 10, 2010

As expected, one impact of the shortage of jobs has been a marked increase in law school applications and interest in graduate programs. Some schools have seen a double digit increase. The number of people taking the LSAT rose 20% in October 2008 to almost… Read More>>

May 1 Means May 1 – A Hard Line on the Candidates' Reply Date
January 3, 2010

Applicants are always under pressure to accept a college's offer of admission, fearful that it could somehow disappear. The National Association for College Admission Counseling is hoping to put a stop to this by requiring member colleges to adhere to the May 1 reply date. Part of… Read More>>

Early Decision is Alive and Well
December 18, 2009

The smart money thought that the number of Early Decision (ED) applicants would fall this year, since ED applicants agree that if admitted they will attend, thereby prohibiting students from shopping for the best financial aid package. Well, as they say in France, au contraire mon… Read More>>

Don’t Let Summer Pass You By!

While many think of the summer as a time to relax, hit the beach and do anything but something academic, summer is the best time to explore potential academic majors and careers. You can learn more about this at your local library. Take advantage of the down time to up your game. You will be glad you did.


Did You Know?

Imagine only sending your best SAT scores to colleges and deleting the rest. Well, you can! Since March 2009 the College Board has offered Score Choice. You can choose one SAT sitting to send to colleges, and hide the rest. This also applies to SAT II Subject tests. Needless to say, college admissions officers have mixed feelings about the program. Some agree that it will take some pressure off high school students, while others will still demand that applicants submit all of their SAT or ACT scores.  To read more click here.



Way Back When College Was a Buyer’s Market

March 31, 2011

Oh to be interested in attending Harvard University in the late 1860s. Harvard and other schools like Vassar and Columbia actually advertised for students in newspapers, and any required frehman entrance exams could be taken on the weekend prior to the start of classes. How… Read More>>

Ni Hao! – NYU to open Shanghai campus

March 27, 2011

New York University announced plans to establish a degree-granting campus in Shanghai. NYU's president was expected to sign an agreement on March 28 with Chinese officials to seal the deal. This move signals a continuing trend for American universities. NYU already has a degree-granting campus… Read More>>



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