Feds Take Steps to Insure Availability of Student Loans
November 20, 2008

In response to concerns about the availability of student loans as a result of the continuing credit crunch, the U.S. Department of Education announced that it would buy up to $6.5 billion of federally guaranteed student loans made during the 2007-2008 academic year.  Because of the… Read More>>

Cal State University System Plans to Cut Enrollment by 10K students
November 18, 2008

Citing proposed cuts in state funding, the Chancellor of the California State University System announced plans to cut enrollment for the 2009-10 academic year by 10,000 students.  With applications for Fall 2009 up by 20%, student demand is rising just as state funding declines -… Read More>>

Economic Downturn Impacts College Financial Aid
November 10, 2008

Balancing the financial needs of students with the realities of shrinking endowments has impacted college financial aid.  The loser in this equation could be need-blind admissions policies, where schools admit applicants without regard to their financial need.  Colleges are looking at reducing costs in many areas, one… Read More>>

This Fall The Cost of College is the Most Important Factor
October 25, 2008

Prospective students (and their parents) are flocking to tour campuses at places like SUNY-Binghamton and other public colleges based on their comparatively low tuition. With private college tuition in the $30-45k range, a public college tuition in the $15k range is very appealing. For more… Read More>>

Economic Downturn Impacts Families' Ability to Pay College Tuition
October 16, 2008

With the burgeoning economic crisis, families are finding it harder to make those tuition payments. They are relying much more on financial aid programs offered by colleges. College financial aid administrators expect this trend to continue. To read more about how familes are coping, read… Read More>>

Are SAT scores the best indicator of college success? Maybe not.
September 25, 2008

A recent study by college admissions officers shows that scores on standardized college admission tests such as the SAT and ACT are imprecise in measuring college performance. This is due to factors such as paid test preparation services, economic inequities in the test takers, and… Read More>>

2008-09 Common App Online launched
July 1, 2008

On July 1, 2008, the 2008-09 Common App Online launched with new features for the upcoming admissions cycle. Now applicants can compare up to 3 different schools and display their admissions criteria. Not only can the user do simple and advanced searches for schools, they… Read More>>

Getting a Handle on the Price of College
June 1, 2008

One of the biggest mistakes families make when deciding which schools to apply to is getting stuck at the sticker price. During these uncertain economic times, it makes sense to apply to a mix of public and private colleges. See article for more details.For more… Read More>>

Financial Aid Explained
April 23, 2008

As top universities revise their financial aid programs, many parents and students are left confused about their financial aid packages. For more information, read this Question & Answer discussion.For more information, click here Read More>>

Tuition Free. Loan Free. Debt Free. Possible? Yes!
April 20, 2008

In the last five years, several top colleges have overhauled their financial aid systems in an effort to provide greater aid packages to students at all income levels. This has resulted in the cost of attendance becoming significantly more affordable for most students. Read more… Read More>>

Don’t Let Summer Pass You By!

While many think of the summer as a time to relax, hit the beach and do anything but something academic, summer is the best time to explore potential academic majors and careers. You can learn more about this at your local library. Take advantage of the down time to up your game. You will be glad you did.


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