While the following websites may contain valuable information, College Search Navigators, LLC does not specifically endorse the sites or the information they contain.

Income Based Repayment (IBR) information

http://www.ibrinfo.orgThis is an independent, non-profit source of information on federal student loan repayment and forgiveness programs. It also includes a repayment calculator.

John Templeton Foundation’s Colleges That Encourage Character Development site lists colleges that emphasize character building as an integral part of their curriculum.

Kiplinger’s 100 Best Values in Public Colleges’s Personal Finance Magazine ranks the top 100 values in public four year colleges. The site also offers other resources, including a ranking of private colleges.

MIT's OpenCourseWare site has introductory courses in Physics, Calculus and Biology, along with problem sets and labs, to help students prepare for the AP exams. It also includes free online courses in other subjects to give a flavor of the college experience.

National Survey of Student Engagement site provides insight into student life at campuses across the country through surveys.  It also provides a pocket guide for parents and students (a direct link to this pocket guide is located on the College Spotlights page).

NCAA Online National Collegiate Athletic Association web page is a portal to information about college athletics, including recruiting rules, information about eligibility, and competition rules.

New Jersey Business Idea Competition in its seventh year, New Jersey high school students can enter this competiton sponsored by the Rothman Institute of Entrepreneurial Studies as part of Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Silverman College of Business. The objective of the competition is to foster an entrepreneurial mindset amoung high school students, and to recognize the brightest and most commercially feasible ideas. It is open to all New Jersey 9th-12th graders. Faculty from FDU evaluate the submissions and cash prizes are awarded to the winners. For more information, contact the Rothman Institute at (973) 443-8842 or visit their website.

Online Campus Newspapers site contains links to hundreds of online campus newspapers.

Online Study Skills Workshops site, part of the Virginia Tech Division of Student Affairs, offers several online study skills workshops.  The workshops include time management strategies, note taking, writing papers, and strategies for increasing concentration and memory.

Ordo Ludus College Ranking site ranks 126 colleges by comparing 30 different areas grouped into one of four categories: academics, quality of life, sports, and cost/tuition. It seeks to provide a more well-rounded view of college rankings.

Don’t Let Summer Pass You By!

While many think of the summer as a time to relax, hit the beach and do anything but something academic, summer is the best time to explore potential academic majors and careers. You can learn more about this at your local library. Take advantage of the down time to up your game. You will be glad you did.


Did You Know?

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Way Back When College Was a Buyer’s Market

March 31, 2011

Oh to be interested in attending Harvard University in the late 1860s. Harvard and other schools like Vassar and Columbia actually advertised for students in newspapers, and any required frehman entrance exams could be taken on the weekend prior to the start of classes. How… Read More>>

Ni Hao! – NYU to open Shanghai campus

March 27, 2011

New York University announced plans to establish a degree-granting campus in Shanghai. NYU's president was expected to sign an agreement on March 28 with Chinese officials to seal the deal. This move signals a continuing trend for American universities. NYU already has a degree-granting campus… Read More>>



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