While the following websites may contain valuable information, College Search Navigators, LLC does not specifically endorse the sites or the information they contain.

Project On Student Debt This site, an initiative of the Institute for College Access and Success, contains information and advice for student borrowers, developments in the student aid area, and seeks to educate students and families about the implications of student loans.

Princeton Review’s Best Colleges Ranked by Students site presents survey results from college students nationwide. Rankings are on topics ranging from Libraries and Best Overall Academic Experience to Lots of Beer.

Pope, Loren, Colleges That Change Lives book highlights colleges that are overshadowed by the traditional “name” schools. For the Colleges That Change Lives website click here


http://www.petersons.comThis site contains search tools to obtain factual information on colleges in several categories, from SAT scores and tuition rates to the student male/female ratio.

Skyline Theatre Company Scholarship

http://www.skylinetheatrecompany.orgBergen County, New Jersey high school seniors interested in furthering their education in theater, television, film or communications are eligible to apply for a $1,000 Harry K. Berkheiser scholarship from the Skyline Theatre Company. Applications are reviewed and awarded by a committee of the Skyline Theatre Company Board of Trustees, which consists of professional artists and educators. The scholarship is funded by tax-deductible contributions. For more information and deadlines, check the website and click on Education.

SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid

http://www.finaid.orgThis site contains information about all types of financial aid, including scholarships, loans, Section 529 and other savings plans, fnancial aid calculators and tips on filling out financial aid applications.

Study Skills and Strategies public service site contains a plethora of exercises to improve study skills in a variety of areas, such as prioritizing tasks, avoiding procrastination, and managing stress.  These not only can apply in college, but also in life.

Study Tips site contains resources for studying in all different subjects, as well as general study skills such as note taking, managing your time, and how to listen in class. 

U-Can Network

http://www.ucan-network.orgThe University and College Accountability Network, a project of the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (NAICU), provides free information and resources about colleges for prospective students. 

Youniversity TV

http://www.youniversitytv.comThis site features video tours of colleges across the nation, as well as information about the schools such as location, tuition and enrollment.

Don’t Let Summer Pass You By!

While many think of the summer as a time to relax, hit the beach and do anything but something academic, summer is the best time to explore potential academic majors and careers. You can learn more about this at your local library. Take advantage of the down time to up your game. You will be glad you did.


In Memory of Diane Gallo

We are deeply saddened by the passing of our co-founder Diane Gallo. Diane, a beloved independent educational consultant who went above and beyond for the students she served and their families, will be greatly missed. She was a great colleague and friend to all. If you had been working with Diane, please reach out to her husband Michael Gallo with a written request for a refund of any monies that may be owed to you at 43 Hillside Avenue, Glen Rock, NJ 07452.


Did You Know?

With the number of applicants now using the Common App and the ease of submitting an online application (in the 2010-11 cycle, 1.8 million applications were submitted as of January 1, 2011), admissions officers are looking for more than just an application to make admissions decisions - you need to demonstrate a genuine interest in the school.  The best ways to do this include visiting the campus, having a campus interview if offered, attending college fairs and completing the intake form for schools you are really interested in, attending any local events in your area sponsored by the college, and emailing the admissions counselors with specific questions about programs that interest you.  These steps can help to differentiate you from the herd of "stealth applicants" who use the Common App as their sole contact with the school.



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